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Dedicated to Families of all types.

Not Just Family Law. Law for Families.

Ben Schenker focuses on all areas of family law, as well as wills, trusts, estates, tax law, and other associated matters. Family and relationship problems can be emotionally draining. Ben strives to provide clear, simple advice ensuring you fully understand all the options available so we can together make a balanced decision about how to proceed.


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Changing Families

Families change, grow, and contract, sometimes by meeting new partners, and sometimes by adding children through birth or adoption. Ben will work with you to make sure these changes occur as easily as possible.

Divorce and Separation

A change in the number of partners in your family means a change in the family. As painful as it can be, this change in family is an area in which Ben will work with you.

Protecting Families

Death and taxes are inevitable. As difficult as these things are to consider, they are considerations that people can prepare for, to make sure that families are protected when the worse happens. From wills and trusts to powers of attorney and advanced health care directives, Ben will work with you to help provide as much stability as possible.


About Me

Ben doesn't necessarily agree with the dictionary definition of a family. To Ben, a family is defined by the people that are important to you; whether your family includes something different than one man, one woman, and 2 children, or not, Ben will work with you to make sure that your family can feel safe and protected. 

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