I Love the Ides of March

I haven't had a chance to update you on what's going on and I'm sorry about that; hopefully by the end of this, you will understand why I've been so neglectful.

It has been a really eventful month for my firm. In March, I had interviews broadcast on the PolyWeekly, Touch of Flavor, and KinkyCast podcasts.

I was also very happy to get to visit Baltimore where I got to present to the Baltimore Educational and Social Society about planning alternative families.

At the very beginning of the month, I was very excited to be appointed to the board of the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom; it is a great organization where I hope to continue my work to promote consent.

To bookend March, on the very last day of the month, I found out that the presentation I'd pitched with Bex Caputo, Ruby Johnson, and Chris Smith was accepted to be featured at the National LGBT Bar Association's Annual Lavender Law Conference in Brooklyn, New York.

Unlike Caesar, I have had a really great March (and as a tax attorney, I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE IDES OF APRIL). After that point, I'll be able to come back to updating everyone on the newest and most exciting facets of alternative family law; thanks for reading!!!

Ben Schenker