Finding a Poly Attorney

The last time I had insurance, I had the very fun task of having to call several pages of doctors trying to find the right one. Most of them had changed their addresses already, others' appointments slots were full, and a number of people had never existed in the first place.

When I did find someone who might be able to squeeze me in, I was already so tired of the process that I felt like just signing up on the spot. However, I did know that there was one thing that was important to me: knowing that they were comfortable treating someone who was poly-friendly. (When I asked the first doctor if he was aware of polyamorous issues, and he said "Do you mean like cheating", I simply told him I didn't think that we would be a good fit).

Attorneys and doctors are given a broad training and are supposed to be able to handle most issues. Indeed, in some states, (including Maryland), lawyers are prohibited from specialization. So, a person should be able to go to any lawyer and be able to have any issues addressed. While lawyers might focus on specific practice areas, general legal questions should be able to be covered by any lawyer.

There are a couple of reasons that I think it behooves polyamorous clients to find a lawyer that is at least familiar with polyamory.

First, being familiar with all of the good things associated with polyamory can allow for greater empathy. While I always make sure that my clients are provided with the best legal services, when I can connect with a client and understand their needs, it can make things a little easier.

The second reason that a familiarity with polyamory is important when counseling polyamorous clients is to be able to nticipate eeds. For example, I was recently considering a client's request for a strategy; I came up with a few different plans. One of them could lead to fulfilling all of the goals, but at the same time, it would be permanent. Having considered that person's clear acknowledgment that  they knew the family dynamic might not always exist as it now did, I had to keep thinking of other strategies.

When trying to find a lawyer, please try to find someone who you feel can work with you and who you feel sincerely has your best interests at heart.


***The foregoing was not intended as legal advice and should not be construed as such***

Ben Schenker